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Why should I learn Latin, a dead language?

Sadly, studying ancient Latin in the 21st century is seen like an anachronism by many. Today, when practical knowledge that can be applied with immediate results is being valued above all else, the importance of this “dead language” is being questioned. However, it is classical languages that form the culture, and the structure, of one’s thinking process, and this fact is worth keeping in mind for every individual who aims for top-quality education.

Latin belongs to the Indo-European group of languages. Being spread all across the territory of the Roman Empire (which at its peak included most part of Europe, Africa and Asia), Latin had sired a plethora of modern-day languages, became their ancestor and basis. Up to the 18th century, Latin was the default language of science, education and diplomatic relations in all of Europe. Even nowadays, Latin is still used (albeit not as widely) in theology, law practice, medicine, biological science, etc.

If you study, or plan to study Latin at University or by yourself, you must know that:

  • Latin is one of the oldest written languages on Earth.
  • With opening of the first universities in the 12th century, all the subjects there were taught in Latin.
  • First printed books were also published in this language.
  • Many renowned scientists such as Descartes, Leonardo da Vinci, Newton, Leibniz and many others wrote in Latin.
  • Vocabulary of Latin origin is firmly rooted in many modern languages. A huge number of words we use every day were in fact borrowed from Latin (lecture, project, position, pension, pedal, cursor, matrix, et cetera).
  • It’s been proven that people with even basic command of classical Latin learn foreign languages derived from it (Italian, Spanish, French, Romanian, etc.) a whole lot faster than those who are complete strangers to Latin.


Why learn Latin online with us

If you are interested in how to learn Latin free online courses and apps promising to teach you the language in one go might at first appear a handy solution. Yet, things are not as simple here. Latin is a tricky language, and an individual approach and highly qualified teachers here are simply a must. That’s when TutorOnline comes to help.

What makes us different from other Latin language centers:

  • We have our author’s methods of teaching Latin online which are based on our four books.
  • We provide solely individual, hence most effective, classes for Latin language learners.
  • We work with both adults and children (from the age of 12), providing everything so that a student of any age and fluency level could
  • learn Latin language online in most systematic and rapid manner.
  • We have our Latin tutorial which one can always purchase.
  • We can teach you several languages concurrently.

Latin language courses from TutorOnline is your chance to study the language of ancient Romans online, with live guidance of the best Latin language professors from all across the CIS. Our tailored courses offer more than pure language training: we’ll take you on an exciting trip across the Roman Empire, from where you’ll return loaded with solid intellectual and cultural luggage.

The training goes in the following forms:

  • Introduction to Latin (University level) online course;
  • Classical Latin and the translation of prose online course;
  • Classical Latin and Roman poetry online course;
  • Folk Latin and the formation of Romance languages online course;
  • Latin language classes with no homework online course;
  • Latin for beginners online course.

For those uncertain yet of whether it suits them to learn Latin online free course (an introduction lesson) is offered. We also give you a choice concerning how you wish to learn classical Latin online – via Skype, Viber or Facebook messenger.

In TutorOnline, we take it that there are no hopeless students. To learn Latin online free will – and the right choice of school – is all it takes. No need to doubt yourself, just pick the course that interests you, and enroll. Scientia potentia est. Didn’t understand the quote? We’ll teach you to!


Types of online lessons:

  • Урок 45 минут
  • $20/45 минут
  • Занятие онлайн длительностью 45 минут
  • 2-3 занятия в неделю
  • Домашние задания
  • Урок 30 минут
  • $10/30 минут
  • Занятие онлайн длительностью 30 минут
  • 4-5 занятий в неделю
  • Без домашних заданий
  • Урок 60 минут
  • $25/60 минут
  • Занятие онлайн длительностью 60 минут
  • 2 занятия в неделю
  • Домашние задания