English online

Our online English school is the only one whose goal is to study English according to an individual program.

Online language school Sofialingua offers English language learning course online free for any level. Every student has an opportunity to learn English per skype or any messengers – WatsApp or Viber in a comfortable and essential way. Students have a great choice of different courses and teachers who professionally work with beginners, intermediate or advanced level students.

Advantages of learning English online

Nowadays most of people keep a very busy lifestyle: enormous work and studies, travelling and family deals. Some people have a great wish to learn English but they are afraid that lack of spare time won’t let them to achieve success. That’s the reason why learning English as a second language online free is the best way to organize studying process.

Learning American English language online offrers lots of advantages for students:

  • opportunity to make-up your own shedule and have classes at the most convenient time;
  • freedom of choice: you can choose a suitable course and a teacher who will help you to achieve your aims;
  • modern interface of the web-site: it’s very easy to find any information here;
  • professional teachers: all the stuff of our school has got special degree, a great teaching experience and our teachers improve their skills day by day taking courses of methodics;

Students who prefer to learn English language online courses to traditional ways of learning note that they perceive all the grammatical constructions, words and expressions in an essential and comfortable way and they have an opportunity to apply their skills anywhere they are.

The way of organizing language courses online

The school offers free online English language learning for the levels:

  • Beginners;
  • Elementary;
  • Pre-Intermediate;
  • Intermediate;
  • Upper-Intermediate;
  • Pre-Advanced;
  • Advanced;

There are also some specifical courses, for example, English for survival or medical English. First every student of our school passes a test to reveal the language level. After that we are looking for a teacher who will work with the student. Then a teacher and a students discuss the aims of learning, make-up the curriculum and the time-table. After every unit a student can have a test to reveal his own progress. All the necessary skills are developed while learning: listening comprehension, grammar, lexis and speaking.

Join to school Sofialingua

If you are interested in learning American English language online with a native speaker, just visit the web-site, pass the test, see your results and level and find a teacher. Our teachers are always ready to help any student to keep his interest to learning and motivate to apply English in everyday communication: working and travelling. You can choose any program for learning: it can be Skype, Viber or WatsApp.

All our students are pleased with the quality of studies and the results: after the courses they feel more encouraged and successfully apply all their skills in communication with native speakers!

Types of online lessons:

  • Урок 45 минут
  • $20/45 минут
  • Занятие онлайн длительностью 45 минут
  • 2-3 занятия в неделю
  • Домашние задания
  • Урок 30 минут
  • $10/30 минут
  • Занятие онлайн длительностью 30 минут
  • 4-5 занятий в неделю
  • Без домашних заданий
  • Урок 60 минут
  • $25/60 минут
  • Занятие онлайн длительностью 60 минут
  • 2 занятия в неделю
  • Домашние задания