Learn Italian Online

Our Italian online school is the only one whose goal is to study Italian according to an individual program in a short time.


Learn Italian Online Course


If you want to understand Italian well and speak it fluently, you need practice. Whether you want to polish the language or start from scratch — we will help you. It is possible thanks to a special approach to studies. We combine individual training with intensive conversational courses of Italian publishing houses. As a result, you learn the language easy and fast: every level of studies includes only 12 lessons. In general, you need to go through 5 levels to complete the whole training, if you never come across Italian earlier.

Some people try to learn Italian online free without teachers. We appreciate such courage, but we are surprised: “How you can be sure that you pronounce sounds correctly? How you check that what you say is understandable? And by the way, how long it takes you to pass through each level from A1 to C1?” In our center, we teach Italian quickly but constantly check your knowledge. We want to be sure that you don’t miss anything important.

The list of our advantages over other language schools includes:

  • Methods of faculties of foreign languages. During the lessons of Italian our students get knowledge in phonetics, grammar, vocabulary, listening. Moreover — they learn to develop their communication skills.
  • The individual form of learning. All the time of the lesson is given to one student. Thanks to it our students get the highest quality education.
  • We have our own book shop. You can easily get our Italian grammar guide, recommended by professional linguists.
  • We work with adults. In our joint labor, we are committed to a fast and practical result.
  • There is a possibility to learn several languages. With free Italian online learning you can’t find so many experts in other languages in one place. And it is easy for you to get linguist advice on any subject quickly.


Levels of learning Italian Online


The key features of learning Italian in our center are speed, quality, and simplicity. The process is diligently organized and closely monitored. Five levels of learning Italian help to show a student’s progress:

  • Basic A1 (12 lessons)
  • Elementary A2 (12 lessons)
  • Medium B1 (12 lessons)
  • Above average B2 (12 lessons)
  • Advanced C1 (24 lessons)

Our teachers help to move from one level to another, and it happens quite fast thanks to the individual character of studies. With us, you can start learning Italian at any stage. Beginners are helped to break the language barrier, and experienced students are supported in improving their skills and knowledge.

Forms of study:


  • General and conversational Italian online
  • Business Italian online
  • Intensive Italian online
  • Online Italian Lessons for Beginners

The courses are conducted by professional teachers. Each of them has sufficient knowledge and practice in his area.

For your convenience, we use free ways for online Italian learning: Skype, Viber, and Facebook Messenger. Choose the best tariff plan and start learning Italian online right now!

  • Duration: 45 minutes. Price: 20 dollars. 2-3 lessons per week. Home tasks.
  • Duration: 30 minutes. Price: 10 dollars. 4-5 lessons per week. Without home tasks.
  • Duration: 60 minutes. Price: 25 dollars. 2 lessons per week. Home tasks.

If you want to learn other languages besides Italian, please, contact us, too! We will gladly offer you an individual online course in the area that interests you.


Types of online lessons:


  • Урок 45 минут
  • $20/45 минут
  • Занятие онлайн длительностью 45 минут
  • 2-3 занятия в неделю
  • Домашние задания
  • Урок 30 минут
  • $10/30 минут
  • Занятие онлайн длительностью 30 минут
  • 4-5 занятий в неделю
  • Без домашних заданий
  • Урок 60 минут
  • $25/60 минут
  • Занятие онлайн длительностью 60 минут
  • 2 занятия в неделю
  • Домашние задания