Studying french online

French is one of the most beautiful languages in the world. Masterpieces of the world literature are written, legendary songs and fantastic films are made on this one. In addition, French is quite common in the world — in addition to France, you can communicate in Switzerland, Belgium, Canada, North African countries and some islands of Central and South America.

French is also the official language of many international organizations. In general, about 274 million people use French as a language of communication all over the world.


Our methods

Since the main function of the language is communication, our method of learning any language online is based on the development of speaking skills and overcoming the language barrier.

When you study French online with us, you will follow the structure of the lesson from specialized language universities. For example, there are separate courses:

  • Grammar;
  • Vocabulary;
  • Listening;
  • Phonetics;
  • Reading and translation of original texts.

Such an approach is important not only because it is followed in language departments, but also because it corresponds to the structure of the language itself: grammar + vocabulary + phonetics.

As we strive for the highest-quality and fastest results, your French online study will be individual.

When you have online French study, there should be a conversation. Any conversation is, as a rule, communication of two people. Only in this case it is possible to achieve a real understanding. If there is one teacher and many students in a group, they hear also others people besides the teacher, and that means listening to unnecessary errors.

Individual language learning online is the most economical way in the shortest time to learn to speak and think in various foreign languages.

We can’t provide you free basic study French online. We can provide more.


French studies online

The benefits of our French study online

  • Systematic approach and original French teaching materials.
  • The courses are individual
  • We work seven days a week.
  • An individual training schedule.
  • You can purchase our guide to the French language.

Differences from other schools

  • We teach French individually and systematically.
  • Our school specializes in individual aspects.
  • In contrast to the private teachers and teachers of French, we have a great training program.
  • Our methodology develops communication in French and allows you to improve French skills. We learn French not for exams and marks, but for life.

Levels of study

  • Basic level (A1);
  • Elementary level (A2);
  • Medium level (B1);
  • Above average level (B2);

Forms of study

  • Spoken French;
  • Business French;
  • Intense French;
  • Study without homework;
  • French language from scratch.

Types of online lessons

  • French lessons on Skype;
  • French classes on Viber;
  • French lessons on Facebook.


45 minutes lessons

  • $20 for one lesson;
  • 2-3 lessons per week;
  • Homework.

30 minutes lessons

  • $10 for one lesson;
  • 4-5 lessons per week;
  • No homework.

60 minutes lesson

  • $20 for one lesson;
  • 2 lessons per week;
  • Homework.




Types of online lessons:


  • Урок 45 минут
  • $20/45 минут
  • Занятие онлайн длительностью 45 минут
  • 2-3 занятия в неделю
  • Домашние задания
  • Урок 30 минут
  • $10/30 минут
  • Занятие онлайн длительностью 30 минут
  • 4-5 занятий в неделю
  • Без домашних заданий
  • Урок 60 минут
  • $25/60 минут
  • Занятие онлайн длительностью 60 минут
  • 2 занятия в неделю
  • Домашние задания