What is the best way to learn Italian?

If you want to learn Italian, you need to consider all the options to achieve the goal. There are two main methods – self-study and online courses. If you choose Italian online, you can quickly achieve the desired result, but an independent approach may well be effective. The main thing is to learn to control yourself, do not be lazy and take the time.


The specifics of learning Italian in different ways

Local language can be interesting enough to learn. It sounds somehow special and melodious, which attracts a lot of people. Independent study must begin with the establishment of strict discipline. The first thing you need to make time to study. It is desirable that it be at least three hours a week. On average, you need to spend about 50-60 minutes per lesson. This will provide a sufficient amount of useful information that will be digested qualitatively. If you devote more time to studying, it is difficult to achieve the desired result due to fatigue.

Italian must be taught with a responsible approach. This will help in the acquisition of a dictionary, phrase book. As you move forward, you can begin to slowly watch movies without translation, listen to music, read newspapers or even books. There it will not be possible to understand everything, but certain phrases and words will be absorbed in the head. It will give its result in any case.

But not everyone is able to devote the necessary amount of time to independent study. Lack of discipline or desire can negate all previous labors. In this case, if a person understands that he cannot force himself to learn everything on his own, he will have to ask for support. Online courses are the perfect choice.


Online learning Italian or self study?

Everyone should understand for themselves which option is more suitable for him. If a person is by nature lazy enough, it is better to turn to specialists. Online courses will help to count on the selection of a quality program, looking after the implementation of all tasks. In the case of an independent study, there will be no external control. You can combine both options, which will allow to achieve a good result.