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The SofiainLingua Language Center offers individualized online language learning for adults using conversational techniques.

Areas of study and features of our online language school:
  • We teach foreign languages for adults. We are sure that learning a language is not late at any age and with any elementary level.
  • Another feature of our center for remote language learning is an individual schedule and training without days off.
  • We teach free communication, we learn to overcome the language barrier.
  • We offer simultaneous training in several foreign languages.
Differences from other language schools and tutors:
  • Individual language learning online is the highest quality and most effective learning. All the time online lesson we devote to one student. It is fundamentally important for us to learn to speak and think in a foreign language, and not to recruit as many people as possible into groups.
  • Our online school differs from regular tutors in that teachers, as a rule, do not have a scientific methodology and teach a foreign language as it is necessary, having neither experience nor a particular desire to teach a language online.
Languages we work with:
  • English online
  • Italian online
  • French online
  • Latin online
  • German online
Forms of study:
  • General course online
  • Conversation course online
  • Online business course
  • Intensive online course
  • Course Without Homework Online
Types of online lessons:

with whom we work


We offer levels:

  • Basic (A1)
  • Elementary (A2)
  • Medium (B1)
  • Above average (B2)
  • Advanced (C1-C2)

As well as areas: Conversational English, General English, Business English


We offer levels:

  • Basic (A1)
  • Elementary (A2)
  • Medium (B1)
  • Above average (B2)

As well as directions: Conversational French, General French, Business French


We offer levels:

  • Basic (A1)
  • Elementary (A2)
  • Medium (B1)
  • Above average (B2)
  • Advanced (C1)

As well as directions: Conversational Italian, General Italian, Business Italian


We offer levels:

  • Basic (A1)
  • Elementary (A2)

As well as directions: Conversational German, General German


We offer levels:

  • Basic (A1)
  • Elementary (A2)
  • Medium (B1)
  • Above average (B2)
  • Advanced (C1)

As well as directions: General Latin, Latin for translators

Иностранных языков

How we are working

Teaching methods

Modern human needs to have a wide variety of knowledge to increase the chance of success in life. It is especially important today to know the languages of different nations. In the context of globalization, many people should work with citizens of other countries, and in this case, knowledge of languages will be most welcome. If you want to achieve success, you definitely should learn a foreign language. If you need a Learning Language Center, then you have found the right site! Here you can find the learn English language online courses, as well as French online language course, and Italian language courses online free. Online course for English language will be good experience for you, as well as free online Italian language courses.

Individual program is the best training option

Our site is intended for an adult audience, for those people who are interested in learning and want to learn quickly and efficiently. Therefore, we have only individual lessons, we principally never work with groups. Any lesson with us is intended only for one student. We always teach according to an individual program.
In our teaching methodology a large place is given to such a thing as dialogue. First of all, we help the student to overcome the language barrier. With us, you can overcome the language barrier quickly and efficiently enough.

One half of the lesson is for study of various aspects of the language, another is for dialogue. We are working since 2001, and in eighteen years more than 500 students have studied with us. As a rule, they are satisfied with their results.
As we work for the highest-quality and fastest results, we offer only individual instruction in foreign languages.
Why is it important? The fact is that such a format contributes to the most efficient transfer of knowledge. All the time throughout lesson a student is completely devoted to the lesson, he or she is not distracted, the teacher constantly and continuously works with a student. You should not spend your time and money on other people in the audience. After all, with a group training, only the most active gains the benefit; those who are afraid or shy, in fact, spend their money in vain, they pay for the training of others.
Individual language learning online is the most economical way to learn to speak and think in a foreign language in the shortest time.

Learning a foreign language is useful

A society in which the study of a foreign language has been restricted or banned will become blinkered and dull. Languages enrich each other.
A person who is unable to express himself on some foreign language is sometimes helpless in communication. When he or she goes to another country, he immediately becomes completely dependent on other people, he feels helpless. Such a person needs guides everywhere. Such a person will be able to live only in its native country, and as soon as he or she leaves from there, he or she immediately faces a huge number of problems.
A person who is familiar with only one culture may become less tolerant and more suspicious and very blinkered. In the modern world, this, of course, is rare: in order to be so within the framework of only one culture, you need to be born in a closed tribe in the Amazon rainforest. Most of the world’s population has access to books, television, and often even the Internet, so we are constantly faced with other cultures. But the question, how much we are able to understand them and how much we are ready to accept, is directly related to the study of languages. Bans in the learning languages area hamper the development of culture, in the first place in the country where they begin to act.
Learning a foreign language, like any other experience, does not pass without a trace for our consciousness and brain work. Any information that enters the brain from outside modifies neural connections. The consciousness of a person who speaks two or more languages will never be equivalent to the consciousness of a monolingual (a person who speaks only one language).
The idea of “bilingual cognitive supremacy” first appeared in the mid-80s and has since been developed mainly under the guidance of a psychologist Ellen Bialystok from the University of Toronto. Over the past 30 years, scientists have conducted many studies and found that children and adults who speak two languages more quickly and better cope with tasks that require switching attention, solving cognitively conflicting situations, and choosing between relevant and irrelevant information. Bilingualism affects the preservation and maintenance of cognitive functions in old age. For example, in one study in 2010, experts examined data from 200 patients suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, and found that those who spoke several languages experienced symptoms 5.1 years later.

Of course, the concept of the cognitive supremacy of bilinguals is still skeptical, because a large amount of data remains outside of scientific journals, and we still don’t know much about how several languages coexist in a person’s head and which mechanisms are responsible for this. But the value of such linguistic knowledge is definitely very high, since languages constantly interact with each other within the framework of a person’s cognitive system, influence cognitive processes and memory, and leave an imprint on personal characteristics, not to mention the sociocultural component.
Ludwig Wittgenstein wrote that “the borders of my language are the borders of my mind”. Language largely determines how we look at the world and how we perceive it. According to the Sapir-Whorf hypothesis (the hypothesis of linguistic relativity), which is being actively discussed in science today, language influences our thinking and the process of cognition. Therefore, when a person knows more than one language, he has several pictures of the world. This is incomparably richer life. It is necessary to study foreign languages not because it is useful for traveling, but because penetrating into another language, you penetrate into other worlds.

  • Урок 45 минут
  • $20/45 минут
  • Занятие онлайн длительностью 45 минут
  • 2-3 занятия в неделю
  • Домашние задания
  • Урок 30 минут
  • $10/30 минут
  • Занятие онлайн длительностью 30 минут
  • 4-5 занятий в неделю
  • Без домашних заданий
  • Урок 60 минут
  • $25/60 минут
  • Занятие онлайн длительностью 60 минут
  • 2 занятия в неделю
  • Домашние задания

Our books

Наталья Гладкая, АрхитекторНаталья Гладкая, Архитектор
Одно из главных качеств методики у Петра Яковлевича – живое общение на языке изучения, что действительно является очень полезным для студента. Очень довольна его методикой и своими результатами.
 Аспирантка Дипломатической Академии Аспирантка Дипломатической Академии
Очень редко попадаются люди с таким глубоким знанием языка, качественным им владением, пониманием подводных камней, как со стороны преподавателя, так и со стороны ученика с родным русским, чтобы объяснить переход и разницу быстро и точно.


What our students say

Kolesnikova Alisa

Graduate Student of the Diplomatic Academy

One of the main qualities of the method of Peter Yakovlevich – live communication in the language of learning, which is really very useful for the student. Very pleased with his technique!

Mironova Maya


According to this method, I worked for about 6 months. Despite the unusual form of education – Skype lessons – the lessons allowed me to raise my knowledge of English to the pre-intermediate level.

Natalya Gladkay


I want to thank Peter Yakovlevich for his professional work!
Learning a foreign language is quite a complicated matter, and it is great when the teacher is able to build classes so that the material delivered is easily assimilated!

Puzyrenko Andrey

Candidate of Medical Sciences

Very seldom there are people with such profound knowledge of the language, high-quality knowledge of them, and understanding of the pitfalls, both from the teacher and from the student with his native Russian, to explain the transition and the difference quickly and accurately.

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